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About Dancing Leds

Dancing LEDs was founded by Jarrod Eliason and Brady Hustad, two long-time friends who make a potent hardware / software team. They have been joined by a talented group of individuals to bring this amazing and fun product to life.

Any Color

Can’t agree on whether to decorate with colored or white lights? Dancing LEDs can be either. Try out the different color and lighting themes and choose your favorites.

All You Need

Do you want to decorate with lights more often but don’t have the time to change out lights for each holiday? One set of Dancing LEDs is all you need.

Easy-To-Use App

We've done all the technical work for you. Take advantage of the free light sequences and easy-to-use app.


Jarrod is always on the lookout for new product ideas. In 2012, he began thinking about how to tell the Christmas story with animated lights. As he researched decorative lighting technology, he was excited to learn about individually programmable LEDs that are already being used to create some amazing Christmas displays.

Using these lights, any light on the string can be any color at any time. Unlike older animated lights that require multiple controller channels and AC relays to blink a whole string of lights, hundreds of these programmable LEDs can be digitally controlled by a single pin of a low-cost microcontroller. And with full control over both color and brightness, smooth fades and subtle glows can be added to the frantic on/off blinks normally associated with Christmas light shows.

Strips of these LEDs are readily available, but they don’t look like Christmas lights. The programmable Christmas bulbs he could find required him to buy an expensive controller and software. As an electrical engineer, Jarrod was comfortable with RGB pixel string wiring diagrams and the DMX512 protocol, but the complexity presents a barrier to entry for most people.  He wanted to provide something simpler and more affordable that could be controlled with an easy-to-use app on a Smart phone. Jarrod started designing the hardware for Dancing LEDs and recruited Brady to help with the software.  They both tapped into their network of talented hardware, software and mechanical engineers to develop Dancing LEDs.

Dancing Leds iMac


The Dancing LEDs Starter Pack includes everything you need to get started. The Tree Pack, 2D Mega Pack and 3D and Mega Pack include more lights and greater capability for expansion.

Controller Channels

Lights Per Controller

Million Colors

Features With App

Have you looked into animated Christmas displays only to be scared off by wiring diagrams and data protocols? We've done all the technical work for you. Take advantage of the free light sequences and easy-to-use app.

Color Selection

Choose color themes based on holidays Light up your event with your favorite team colors Create the perfect atmosphere with color temperature control

Pixel Animation

Up to 4,000 lights at video frame rates Use any video to control your light strings Built-in support for animated GIF’s


Camera Integration

(Coming Spring 2015)

Display live video from your phone’s camera Detect and adjust for the physical location of each light Improve color rendering and consistency with camera feedback

Dynamic Lighting Effects

Animate your yard or home with smooth fades and subtle glows Audio visualization for any song in your library Spatial (space) and temporal (time) lighting effects

Our Creative Team

It takes a team of people to bring a new idea to life. In addition to the key contributors profiled below, additional credit goes to Mark Newton – founder advisor, John Bingham – mechanical engineer, Kirk Martin – whiteboard and lyric animator, Karen Eliason – Web support, and a long list of friends and colleagues who have reviewed Dancing LEDs and provided us valuable feedback.

What People Say

People who know Jarrod and Brady agree. Dancing LEDs has the talent, experience and drive to make Bluetooth® hackable Christmas lights a reality.

mini-phone2Vibrant, energy efficient lights for every season of the year. Any light, any color, any time.

  • Bluetooth® SMART Ready
  • User programmable Arduino™ derivative
  • Open source controller software
  • Android / iOS App

So much fun you will be lighting up every holiday between Halloween and 4th of July!

logo-tabOur light strings simplify the task of creating amazing light shows, so you dont have to be a technical wizard to enjoy the ever expanding library of free light sequences. Starter packs include a controller and 50-bulb light string pre-wired and ready to go right out of the box. Expansion packs add 50-bulbs per string. A single controller can handle up to 4,000 lights! If you’d like to look inside, see how things work and make your own modifications, then go for it. The Dancing LEDs controller software is open-source and runs on the Teensy 3.1 using the OctoWS2811 library. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means, our easy-to-use app and light sequences are all you really need. But make sure you keep your app up to date because new features are being added constantly.

  • ledOpen-source controller hardware and software
  • Two WS2811 RGB LEDs per bulb for enhanced brightness
  • 12cm (4.7″) bulb spacing
  • 12V DC light string supply
  • 24W maximum power consumption per 50-light string
  • Teensy 3.1 Arduino derivative controller
  • Freescale ARM Cortex M4 CPU using OctoWS2811 library
  • Bluetooth Smart Ready
  • iOS and Android 4.3+ compatible
  • USB interface for controller programming
  • Integration with Arduino development environment

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Be a part of our adventure into creative lighting! We welcome ideas, information, requests and discussion on how we can make better lighting for you and your projects.

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